Services: Audio

Those In the Know

Audio recording, multi-language dubbing, and 5.1/ 6.1 surround mixing are specialties of Seraphim Digital. Indeed, we started out largely as a recording studio – recording for some of the most popular animated films in the world.

Our claim to fame is that we can produce the highest quality, most natural lip sync and ADR available anywhere. If your work is in animation for television or features, we should talk! If your work is in dubbing feature films or TV series, call us!

Voices in your head

Plus, we have the voices. The voices that whisper, scream, squawk, and laugh to make animation and dubbed programs come to life – in English and in Spanish. Seraphim Digital has one of the largest stables of professional voice actors anywhere.

Fast is good

Seraphim Digital audio services include…

  • Audio for Animation
  • Voice Overs
  • Radio & TV Commercials
  • General Recording Services In Studio and On Location
  • ADR/ Dubbing
  • Sound Design
  • Sweetening & Effects
  • Mixing in Stereo, 5.1 and 6.1 Surround
  • Voice Talent