Services: Localization

More than words

Localization is the process of adapting materials from one language so they can be properly understood in another language. Notice, we didn’t say “translating.” Translation is certainly part of the process, but it’s really only the beginning. The world is a big place, and cultural differences involve much more than just the rote meanings of words.

Trusted Turnkey

Seraphim Digital offers a turnkey solution for the localization and production of foreign language content for the English-speaking world. From casting and ADR to package design and DVD authoring, all of the services you need are available under one roof… and at competitive rates.

Don’t worry… we’ve done this before

No one understands more about localizing foreign language content for the English-speaking world than Seraphim Digital!

Seraphim Digital localization

  • Seraphim Digital has translators on staff.
  • Seraphim Digital close ties with distributor Section 23 to connect you to distribution possibilities not found anywhere else.