Services: Media

The Many Faces of Media

What does “format” mean? A tape? A DVD? A file? What kind of file? MPEG-2? –4? How compressed is “optimized?” Frame rates. Aspect ratios. Letterboxed, anamorphic, widescreen. What’s right, when?

Relax, we got it

This is what we do. Let us know where you want to go… we’ll help you get there. Need to be on I-Tunes? Need HD and SD masters of your new feature? We do it all the time. Not sure of all that you need? We’ve helped some of the pioneers in digital entertainment make millions -- on-line, on TV, and on the big screen. We ready to help you do the same.

Extras, Extras, Read all about it

Seraphim Digital can help you:

  • DVD/BD Production: Authoring, Encoding, Menu Design, Packing Design, Replication, Distribution
  • Duplication
  • Standards Conversion
  • Format Conversion – SD/HD
  • Media Formatting/ Encoding
  • Digital Distribution
  • Web Services: Design, Flash Animation, Hosting
  • Restoration for Film & Video
  • Distribution