Services: Production

Perhaps you have a film and wish to convert to HD, or a multi-camera event on location or a single camera interview with the lighting just so, Seraphim Digital will bring the most bang for your buck. Watch our Demo Reel to see the process come to life.

The Right Spice

Our team of creative directors, artists, designers, producers, editors, effects artists, and market experts are tireless in their efforts to develop and explore new ways to create messages and entertainment that grab your audience.

  • Commercials
  • Electronic Press Kits
  • Video News Releases
  • Corporate Communication
  • Infomercials
  • Entertainment
  • Live Events
  • Animation
  • Concerts
  • Medical Communications

Seraphim Digital is your one-stop shop

  • Location & Studio Production
  • Conceptualization
  • Creative Direction
  • Communications Planning
  • Art Direction & Design
  • Storyboards/Animatics
  • Producer Services
  • Director Services
  • Scriptwriting
  • Content Development
  • Media Integration